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-        Introduction toTravel & Tourism 

-        Domestic Travel 

-        International Travel

-        Travel logistics

-        Transport Modes

-        Hiring a car 

-        Tours and activites

-        Accommodation Types

-        Package Tours

-        Travel Agency Tours

-        Planning a Trip 

-        Meeting a clients budget


COMPLETELY ONLINE - Courses are tailored to cater to all learning styles and we pride ourselves in our engaging variety of content that's accessible to you - anytime, anywhere.

SELF PACED - Work to your own schedule! We don't tell you when to log in OR how many hours you have to per week. That part is up to you!

TUTOR SUPPORT available throughout your study! With industry professionals to contact Monday-Sunday - you wont miss those outdated, classroom lessons.


-        Tour Guide & Tour Leaders

-        Hospitality Management

-        Hotel Guest Services

-        Travel Agency

-        Booking Agents

-        Event Managers

-        Tour Company Managers ETC.

Australia has a booming Travel and Tourism economy and roughly speaking over 900,000 people are directly and indirectly employment in this industry - from coach drivers to travel agents to hotel concierges, as well as all the other hundreds of occupations that cater for tourists and travellers!


Tourists travel to almost every country on the globe, looking for adventure, recreation and entertainment! They seek both new and familiar experiences, some travel independently, others in organised groups. With over 10 million international visitors each year coming to Australia, combined with Australia's widespread passion to travel/tour domestically and abroad this is a great industry to kick start your new career!

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