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-        Introduction to Animal Health Care

-        Common Health Problems in Animals

-        Animal Behaviour

-        Signs of Ill Health

-        Veterinary Facilities

-        Safety Procedures

-        Administration of Animals

-        Animal First Aid

-        Preventative Health Care

-        Routine Health Treatments

-        Health Problems in Domestic Animals

-        Rehabilitation Care ETC 

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TUTOR SUPPORT available throughout your study! With industry professionals to contact Monday-Sunday - you wont miss those outdated, classroom lessons.


-        Animal Hospitals

-        Veterinary Assistance

-        Pet Shop Assistant

-        Animal Welfare 

-        Studying native/exotic animals

-        Animal Hospitals

-        Support groups

-        Animal Training

The Animal Care sector is a popular and also diverse industry in Australia, with a huge variety of employment opportunities available in many sectors. Industry figures show there are over 4000 Pet Grooming businesses in Australia and up to 100 Wildlife operations including Zoos, Wildlife parks, Aquariums ETC - which currently employ over 10,000 people!


The Animal Industry is considered to be worth $12.1 billion dollars and employment is expected to grow every year. This Animal Healthcare course provides you the skills and knowledge you need to go out and gain employment working with animals and find a job that you’re passionate about!

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