Study Dog Care and Training with Upskill Online!



-         Introduction to Canine Care

-        Canine Biology

-        Canine Health - Illness and Treatments 

-        Canine Breeds

-        Breeding

-        Canine Behaviour and Training

-        Canine Grooming

-        Dogs in our society 

-        Employment and Business Opportunities

Do you have a passion for dogs? - Have you ever wondered what your best friend is thinking?  - Are you ready for a career change? 

Enrol for online training today!

Now is the perfect time to develop your understanding and knowledge of the canine industry. Join many other Australian’s and learn more about our furry friends!

This course gives you an understanding of their basic health care needs, dog psychology, grooming requirements, different breeds of dogs and much more!


It’s no secret that working with dogs is a dream job for many of us! Luckily in Australia there is an abundance of dog care jobs out there waiting for you, once you’re qualified.

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to work with dogs in a training environment or for those
who simply just love them! This course will help you develop your understanding of dogs and open up
doors to your dream job post study.


Dog walker

Certified Dog Trainer

Boarding Kennels

Animal Shelters

Animal Welfare

Animal rescue services

Canine Behavioural Therapist

Dog Groomer & MORE!


Completely Online

Courses are tailored to cater to all learning styles and we pride ourselves in our engaging variety of content that's accessible to you - anytime, anywhere.

Self Paced

Work to your ow schedule! We don't tell you when to log in OR how many hours you have to per week. That part is up to you!

Tutor Support available throughout your study! 

With industry professionals to contact Monday-Sunday - you wont miss those outdated, classroom lessons.

"What do I get upon completion?"

 -    Certificate in Dog Care and Training

 -    Letter of recommendation for your future employment

 -    Transcript of all completed units

 -    Professional CV and cover letter help    

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